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Posted September 17, 2012

     Haubstadt, IN - September 15.  The fifth annual Haubstadt Hustler at
Tri-State Speedway Saturday night provided 40 laps of pure sprint car
racing excitement as expected.  The very best drivers in the Hoosier
Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series and the United States Auto Club were
present.  As always there could only be one winner!  And the Modern
Day Cowboy Daron Clayton was that driver.
     Upon unloading the car the Sikeston, MO, native began encountering
problems.  He was to have started in the last row of a heat race but
the car wasn't running properly and he went immediately back to the
pits and did not take the green flag.  That placed him at the tail of
the B for a last chance to make the feature.  In 12 laps he passed 12
cars to finish second.  He had made the feature.  It would be one hot
contest.  There would be seven lead changes between three drivers.
     Upon arriving at the front the Modern Day Cowboy had to deal with
Kyle Larson.  Larson had been in the lead twice in a battle with pole
sitter Hunter Schuerenberg.  He had the Fox Brothers 53 in position
to win and repassed Clayton.  The two drivers began dicing.  It was
Clayton who put together some amazing runs off of turn 4 that were
difficult to counter.  Clayton held the lead the final five laps to
claim the $10,000 prize.
     Clayton was piloting the Ray Morgan Motorsports Sprinter sponsored by
Ray Morgan, Hoosier Tire, and Dan Clifton.  Clayton described the win
as a "win or bust" situation.  He continued:  "I needed to get that
10 grand so I can be racing again.  I earned every dollar.  Traffic
was thick!"   Working that traffic also provided the winner with the
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race.  He had won after
starting 18th in the field!
     Robert Ballou was third.  It was his second podium finish of the
weekend.  Ballou moved up into the top five quickly after starting
seventh and was a factor all race long. Brian Clauson crossed the
line fourth but was relegated to 23rd in the official finish after
neglecting to stop at the scales.  The top five cars were required to
be weighed following the event.  That incident moved Dave Darland up
to fourth and gave Chris Windom a top five finish.
     The second five in the feature consisted of Damion Gardner, Kevin
Thomas Jr., Jon Stanbrough, Chase Briscoe, and Chase Stockon.
Gardner, Stanbrough, and Briscoe started in the back half of the
field and marched forward.  Thomas held his own and Stockon recovered
to finish 10th after being involved in a spin in turn 3 while
battling for second with Hunter Schuerenberg.  Thomas Meseraull was
eleventh which earned him the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award.  He had to
also restart at the tail after a turn 3 incident.
     Four heat races were held.  Chris Windom won the first heat.  Kyle
Larson won the second heat with a move on the final lap.  The third
and fourth heats went to Thomas Meseraull and Hunter Schuerenberg.
Chase Stockon was dominant in the B Main in leading every lap.

Rookie Chet Williams flipped during the B.

Tri-State Speedway will hold one more race to close out the season on October
6th.  That night will be the final event for the MSCS Sprint Cars and
it could decide the Series Championship.


     Sept. 15.  The UMP Modifieds also raced at Tri-State Speedway with
the 25 lap feature being won by Trent Young of Hopkinsville, KY.
Young finished ahead of Dave Beck and Shawn Cates.  The three drivers
also won their respective heat races.

     For Young it was his second feature win at a row and third of the
season at Haubstadt.  He has been having an outstanding year, having
acculated some 25 wins at tracks in the area.  "It has been an
unbelievable year.  I just hope things keep going the way they are."
Young thanked his sponsors which includes Teddy Brown, Spec Racing,
Ohio County Auto Sales, Bandit Race Cars, and Young's Well Service.

     Dave Beck was the highest finisher among three or four drivers
working the top around the track for an advantage.  Young and Cates
ran the bottom until lapped traffic appeared.  Michael Fox was fourth
with Bryce Jewell finishing fifth.  Johnny Young led the second five
in the 18 car starting field.

     Stan Beadles won the B-Main.  A total of twenty-six cars were in
competition.  The mods will be back in action at the track on October
6th for a season finale.



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